Project Sally



[Beauty & the Beast]


[Black Pulp]

Commission from Dantzaz Konpainia - Spain

Premiere january 2018


Choreography & concept: Martin Harriague 

Dancers: Dantzaz Konpainia

Costumes: Martin Harriague

Music: J. C. Arriaga 


Behind the simple image of a dance of happy nude slaves, the 8 minutes work originally created with the collaboration of a 35 musicians live orchestra (E.G.O), is the result of a choreographic method Martin Harriague has been developing for the last 3 years between Israel and Holland with Project Sally.

Often questioning the true meaning of some choreographies and even specific movements he had to execute during his career, the choreographer felt the need to respond to it in an extreme way: assign to each movement a meaning.

Without revealing its rules, the method is a game that consists in testing the ability of the dancers to relate to each other's movement and their capacity to stay true to the tasks defined during the creative process. 

Copyright © Martin Harriague. All rights reserved