Project Sally



[Beauty & the Beast]


[Black Pulp]


Production 2018/2019


Choreography: Martin Harriague 

Dancers: Mariko Kakizaki, Martin Harriague

Music: ko kakinokihara, Martin Harriague 


Initiated by japanese producer Kotomi Matsushita, the Toi Project's aim is to achieve the creation of a full-evening duet combining dance & live music (electro + traditional Koto music) by Martin Harriague, Mariko Kakizaki & ko kakinokihara. 

Based in Tokyo, the creative process has been divided in multiple residencies where the three participants meet in order to create "Toi". 

"Toi" has a double meaning: in japanese "distance", in french "you". 


*15.08.18 > 02.09.18 - Tokyo/Institut français + Art Pit studio

*01.05.19 > 15.05.19 - Tokyo

*15.08.19 > 02.09.18 - Tokyo

Production Con.te / Kotomi Matsushita

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